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The Process

Our team works arduosly to meet your needs and exceed your expectations in every step of the process and at all times while we deliver our services. 

1. Initial Chat & Development

After our first visit, we will put a plan together to move forward and provide you a free estimate. We will work with you on a budget to be able to meet your needs. 

We are aware of the current situation, we comply with safety standards set by the State of Illinois. Our team is fully Covid vaccinated. 

2. Project Brief

We will then proceed to deliver our design or services and if possible, depending on the type of service being provided by our team, we will begin to work immediately. 

3. Functional LayoutS & Floor Plan

We work with a team of subcontractors and architects if necessary to provide top notch services from inception to completion and provide a functional plan so you can have a clear understanding of what is going to be done and be on the same page with you.

5. Products & Materials

We work with the best materials, the highest quality of craftsmanship and products.

6. Implementation

We love the implementation phase because it is where our team gets to employ its craftsmanship and professionalism while transforming your space or while gladly providing repair or installation services.

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